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Ready, Set, Hike! Flag Football at the Y offers players an exciting opportunity to engage in one of America's most exciting sports. YMCA Flag Football is a great way to introduce players to the game of football, minus the contact. YMCA staff and volunteers teach players the basic principles of the game such as throwing, catching, running, and flag pulling though on-the-field instruction for a fun and positive experience for your child.   

Pee Wee (ages 3-4) 

An introduction to the sport of football, practices focus on basic skill development such as flag pulling and simple plays that are mostly hand offs. Coaches remain on the field during games to help assist with plays.

Little league (ages 5-8)    

Players continue to develop their football skills and the value of teamwork. More complex run plays and passing plays are introduced through pass only zones marked on the field. Players in this division are introduced to penalties. Coaches remain on the field to help get plays started, then step to the side once the ball is snapped.