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Pass, Shoot, and Score! YMCA Basketball is a great starting place for young players to learn about the game of basketball. YMCA basketball focuses on teaching skills needed to play the game while allowing players to build self confidence, stay active, and make new friends along the way. Our coaches focus on teaching core skills such as dribbling, passing, shooing, rebounding, conditioning, and defense. Divisions are separated by ages and include Pee Wee, Little league, and Developmental Leagues.

Pee Wee (ages 3-4) 

For our youngest players, basic skills are introduce to players such as passing, dribbling, shooting, and defense. Coaches and parents take an active role in teaching at this level. 

Little League (ages 5-7) 

Players continue to develop basic skills and begin to learn the rules of the game such as travels, double dribble, fouls, etc. Coaches and officials emphasize learning throughout practices and games. Man to Man defense only is played at this level. Teams play on a 7.5 foot goal.

Developmental League (ages 8-10) 

Players build and strengthen their ball handling, passing, shooting, and defensive skills. Our coaches place an emphasis on the value of teamwork at this level. Coaches choose between zone defense or man to man. Teams play on an 8.5 foot goal.